SQL Server 7 Behind Proxy 2

SQL Server 7 Behind Proxy 2

Post by Greg Lo » Sun, 28 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi Folks,

Anyone had actual success putting the released version of SQL Server 7 on a
system behind Proxy2 and managed to get to it ok through the Proxy from an
external location ?

BOL seems incorrect. It mentions putting the proxy address and the port in
the 'Port' setting (in the Server Network Utility) and the proxy address
under the 'Proxy' setting.

That can't work and seems silly. You can't even enter non-digits into the
'Port' section. I presume that's a typo. I've tried the obvious of putting
some port number eg. 41576 (or the standard 1433) in the port box and the
proxy's ip address eg. in the 'proxy' box but SQL Server falls
over on startup with an 'unable to listenon' type failure in the event log.

The knowledgebase suggests making a WSPCFG.INI file like was used for 6.5 or
Exchange, etc. but this didn't seem to work either. Plus, if you are
intended to make it work that way, why is there a need for a proxy setting
in the Server Network Utility ? Why would you need to set it up the same way
when version 7 lists 'proxy awareness' as a feature ?

The WSP client works fine for telnet, etc. from the same system to the
outside world. On the system in question, packet filtering is not enabled.
The only hint might be that in the WSPClient utility in Control Panel, if
you click on the 'Update' button, it says the server is not responding to
'refreshing requests'. At least they're not 'boring requests'...

Thanks in advance,

Greg Low


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Hi everybody,

I have two servers, the first one is a Proxy server (IIS 4.0) and the second
one is a SQL server, I have configured the access to my SQL Server from the
internet like the article Q185638 describes.

It was working before, but I had to restart my SQL server and since that,
the socket connection is not established. It's like a Proxy issue because
when I delete the Wspcfg.ini file the ListenOn Connection at the port 1433
is succesful,and when I create the file I'm getting the following error:

Error : 17833, Severity: 18, State: 0
ListenOn connection '1433' is already in use.

I've tried to reconfigure both servers, I've reinstaled the proxy client, I
installed Proxy SP1 and after installed the proxy client again, and so...

I don't understand what is the problem.



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