Available Publishing Databases Under Publishing

Available Publishing Databases Under Publishing

Post by Artun » Wed, 29 Oct 1997 04:00:00

> Artunc,

> You can use the sp_dboption stored procedure to make a database ready for
> publishing. eg

> sp_dboption pubs, 'Published', TRUE
> go

> As far as I know though its not possible to replicate the master database
> but I have not tried it, I presume its because these are not user tables.
> I know associates who have had to write there own version of replication to
> do this via dump and load and they have said this feature is by design.  If
> this is true you could create a dummy master database and replicate this -
> but how would yo keep this in sync as you can not place triggers on system
> tables.

> What is it you are trying to achieve ?

> --
> I hope this was of use to you

> Steve Robinson MCP (SQL /NT)

Thanks for the help,

We have this customer order database that's located on one web server as
So we're trying to Replicate that database on a remote SQL server so
that when
somebody runs a database search, the web server won't slow down.
the Orders table is in Master database.

Thanks again,