problems removing sql 6.5 tools

problems removing sql 6.5 tools

Post by Eric Falcone » Thu, 25 Oct 2001 14:43:16

Hi, I recently had a need for sql enterprise manager, but
the only one I could find at the time was the sql 6.5
enterprise manager on the Visual Studio enterprise CDs.  
Unfortunately I installed this on Win2K and now I can't
seem to get rid of it.  There does not seem to be an
install for it, if I go back into the setup the option to
move sql server is still greyed-out (I did not install the
server, just the tools).  So I would appreciate it if
anyone knows how to uninstall sql 6.5 properly under win
2k.  Thanks,

problems removing sql 6.5 tools

Post by Rand Bo » Fri, 26 Oct 2001 04:30:32


There is not an uninstall program for the SQL Server 6.5 utilities. They
haved to be removed manually. Below are teh steps to do that:

Delete the c:\mssql directory
Remove the Startup menu listings
Remove the 2 registry keys modified by installation:

Bear in mind that when editing the registry special caution should be taken.

Rand Boyd
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