Installation of SQL Server 7 Desktop Edition on Windows 98 - PROBLEM

Installation of SQL Server 7 Desktop Edition on Windows 98 - PROBLEM

Post by Newb » Sat, 23 Feb 2002 20:47:52

Hi all...

I have tried numerous times to install SQL Server 7 Desktop Edition on
Windows 98 but I keep getting the following error message at the end
of the installation process

"Setup failed to configure the server.  Refer to Server Error Logs and
cnfgsvr.out for more information".

cnfgsvr.out READS:

Starting Service ...
Connecting to Server ...
driver={sql server};server=X4G1R2;UID=sa;PWD=;database=master
Remapping Server Databases ...

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL
Server]SqlDumpExceptionHandler: Process 6 generated fatal exception
c0000091 EXCEPTION_FLT_OVERFLOW. SQL Server is terminating this

SQL Server configuration failed.


2002-02-21 17:27:14.44 spid6    Problem creating symptom dump file due
to internal exception2002-02-21 17:27:14.62 spid6    Error: 0,
Severity: 19, State: 0

2002-02-21 17:27:14.62 spid6    language_exec: Process 6 generated an
access violation. SQL Server is terminating this process.

2002-02-21 17:27:20.62 kernel   SQL Server is terminating due to
'stop' request from Service Control Manager.

Can anyone offer any help or advice..

Look forward to receiving your comments...

Kind Regards


1. Installation of SQL 7.0 Desktop Edition Locks up on Win 98 Machine

Hi List:

I am a newbie to this list and SQL Server, so please forgive me if this is a
FAQ-ish question.  I am trying to install the Desktop Edition of SQL Server
7.0 on a Win 98 machine (Celeron 333a with cache, 64mb ram, lots of free
hard disk space).  The Desktop Edition is supposed to be compatible with Win
9x platforms, albeit with limited functionality.  I have attempted to
install the software several times, and every time I try it the installation
program locks up during the "Connecting to Server" stage, where the
documentation says that the SQL server is being configured by running some
scripts.  There appears to be little or no hard disk activity occurring, and
I have let the thing stew for a good 45 minutes to an hour with no evidence
of any progress beyond this point.  I have stopped the install by
ctrl-alt-del'ing, and deleted the directories and registry entries created
to that point, and tried reinstalling several times.  I have disabled all
programs such as Norton AV that run at startup, as recommended by MS, and
still the same thing happens every time.  I checked the MS Knowledge Base
but didn't find anything helpful.

Has anyone else run into this problem?  Is the installation really failing,
or am I just not waiting long enough for the server to configure itself?
As I said, I've waited almost an hour with no success.

Any suggestions are much appreciated, please reply to this group or email me


aka A.G.
aka Martin Van Nostrand

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