Index - error

Index - error

Post by Liana Chi » Tue, 04 Dec 2001 21:48:00

how can I intercept and trait one error for duplicated values in one unique



Index - error

Post by Stu » Wed, 05 Dec 2001 01:54:03

You first need to identify duplicate rows. Assuming this

(   MyKey int PRIMARY KEY,
    SomeValue varchar(200) NOT NUL

Assume that you want to build a UNIQUE index on SomeValue,
but you get an error message indicating that one or more
values are not unique. You could identify those rows with
this query:

SELECT MyKey, SomeValue FROM MyTable WHERE SomeValue IN
(SELECT SomeValue, COUNT(*) FROM MyTable

How you proceed from that point depends on what you need
to do -- delete the duplicate rows, change SomeValue to
make it unique, etc.

Stu Bloom, MCSD

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>how can I intercept and trait one error for duplicated

values in one unique




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Best regrads..

****************************** En espa?ol
Cuando abro una tabla para reindexar, algunas veces me ocurre un

El mensaje es el siguuiente : "Index out date"

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Muchas gracias,
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