Custom VB resolver

Custom VB resolver

Post by Kees V » Thu, 12 Sep 2002 02:54:34

I've set up merge replication between two SQL Server 2000 servers.  For now,
I am merging a single table between the publisher and two anonymous pull
subscribers.  Synchronization is occuring successfully.

Now I want to add a custom resolver written in VB.  I've followed the
guidance given in the MSDN article: Creating Merge Replication Custom
Conflict Resolvers Using Visual Basic by Andrea Fox of Microsoft
ml/custom_resolver_vb.asp).  The custom resolver is a dll with a single
class that implements the IVBCustomResolver interface as required.  All the
Reconcile method does at the moment is read some parameters and write them
to a text file.

I have not been successful adding this resolver to my publication.  The
article mentioned above states that for a pull subscription, the resolver
must be registered on the subscriber server.  I've done that, but see no way
to tell the subscription to use that resolver.  The only way I've found to
reference a custom resolver is through the publication article properties.
In order to do that, Books Online states that the resolver must be
registered at the Publisher.  I've done that also, but, the resolver is not
in the available list in the dialog and does not appear when I run
sp_enumcustomresolvers.   Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong here or
point me to a good resource for help?

Also, the article references sample resolvers and actually walks through the
code, but does not make the code available.  Is there a link somewhere to
these samples?  Has anyone seen other examples of custom resolvers?  I'm
finding very little information on the net that is helpful.




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Is anybody use the custom conflict resolver for merge replication ?
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Help, please.

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