Merge replications across firewalls

Merge replications across firewalls

Post by Marc Roll » Sat, 21 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I'm trying to setup a merge replication between two Sql Servers across
internet. Both Sql servers are on nt networks protected with firewalls. The
firewalls are both configured to allow all services between the to SQL
Servers. Both SQL Servers have SP1 installed.
Everything works well during setup and when replicating changes made on the
publisher. As soon as changes on the subscriber need to be made, I receive
the error
    Could not enumerate metadata at the subscriber
    Too many arguments where supplied for stored procedure

Questions :
    - I'm not able to find this stored procedure, nor is it documented on
any of the Microsoft resources.
    - Currently I'm using TCPIP. May be it is necessary to enable multi
protocol? If yes, how do I need to configure this?
    - During a lot of tests in order to resolve this problem, we were able
to setup replication between the server (in the network) and a portable
connected straight to the Internet. SP1 was not installed on this portable.
After installing SP1, the same error occurred!!! Is this a bug introduced
with Service Pack 1???

Thanks for your Time


1. Merge replication across firewalls


Some time I posted a problem I had while setting a merge replication across
firewalls. The problem reported was :
    Could not enumerate metadata
    Too many arguments were supplied for stored procedure

After contacting the Microsoft support, it appeared that this stored
procedure wasn't correctly updated while installing SP1.
So if you run into this same problem, you know now where to look.

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