How to check day of Date Dimension is equal to any particular day????

How to check day of Date Dimension is equal to any particular day????

Post by Ivan » Sun, 11 May 2003 13:11:23

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Question is as the subject....

FYI: say if it is in Day level...
iif([Date].CurrentMember.LastSibling = "7" , True Statement, False

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1. Scalar Function for Day Where day is 7:01pm one day to 7:00pm the next day

Does anyone have an existing function written for this purpose.

I have a transaction table where transactions are stamped with a
DateTimestamp when a new record is entered.  Unfortunately, to resolve
our transactions with our vendors I need to create a function that
will group all transactions posted from 7:00:01pm one day (ie Monday)
to 7:00:00pm the following day (ie Tuesday).  Basically I am looking
for the same functionality as the existing Day() function but not
being tied to the 12:00 to 12:00 time period.

Here's an example query that needs the new function.

    SELECT Count(T.TransID) AS Units,
           Sum(T.TransAmount) as Rcv,
           Day(T.TransDate) as Day
      FROM Transactions T
     WHERE Month(T.TransDate) = 3
  GROUP BY Day(T.TransDate)
  ORDER BY Day(T.TransDate)


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