Multiserver Administration Question

Multiserver Administration Question

Post by tsco.. » Thu, 07 Sep 2000 05:44:55

I would like to schedule jobs on multiple servers through my master
(MSX) server and do not understand why I can't select the database on
the remote (target) server in which I would like my step to execute
on.  Obviously I can execute the step with
the 'server.database.owner.object' to specify which database I would
like execute the job on but doesn't that defeat the purpose of
scheduling jobs on different servers? Has anyone
configured a job on the target server where the database was different
than the master? Thanks for your time.

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1. Multiserver Administration


To create a multiserver environment, please check the security settings for
the SQL Server Agent service and the SQL Server service on the server that
will become target server.
It is recommended that both services be running in Microsoft Windows NT 4.0
or Windows 2000 domain accounts.(Click start->program files->administrative
tools->services. If you specified the startup account as local system
account, please change it back.)
Please refer to the SQL Server online books about the topic '' for more
In addition, I hope the following article could be of some help to you.;EN-US;277029


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