7.0 slow compared with 6.5

7.0 slow compared with 6.5

Post by scot » Wed, 23 Jun 1999 04:00:00

here is the deal I just upgraded to 7.0 from 6.5sp3.

I am doing this query:

select count(*) from foo

6.5 i get a duration of about 10ms

7.0 i get a duration of about 50ms.



1. Sql7 slow compared to 6.5 ??

We just "upgraded" from sql6.5 sp5 - to SBS Sql 7 and loaded the ODBC
drivers and SQL tools that came with it.  I used a report generation app
- written in Delphi 4- to test it.  It works, generates a 20 page report
correctly, but is excruciatingly slow.- est. 20 times slower (1 min for
sql6.5 to 20 minutes for sql7.0)

I used Profiler and Query analyzer to create a .trc file using one of
the more time consuming stored procedures,  and used the .trc file in
the Index tuning wizard.  I accepted the recommended changes and now
sql7.0 is only 5 times slower than 6.5.  These times are from query
analyzer - not the delphi app.

the two servers or identical, dual 400Mhz processor, raid 5.  the only
diff. is that the 7.0 server has twice the ram. (256Meg). Both machines
are dedicated to the dbservers.

Anybody have a magic bullet for this? TIA.

Dan Lewis


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