MSDE 2.0 and SQL Server SP2 problem

MSDE 2.0 and SQL Server SP2 problem

Post by <l.. » Wed, 16 Jan 2002 23:29:59

Anyone experience problem in MSDE2.0 and SP2 ?

I can't install MSDE 2.0 on system with sp2 installed. It just simply
corrupted the SQL server installation.


MSDE 2.0 and SQL Server SP2 problem

Post by Roberto Carrasco ( » Sat, 19 Jan 2002 01:56:59


Could you give us more specifics about this problem? I assume that your
default instance of SQL Server 2000 had Service Pack 2 installed, what
edition of SQL Server was it? I assume that you were installing MSDE 2.0 as
a named instance, is that right? How did it corrupt the SQL Server default
instance? Were the files overwritten? Were the entries in the registry
overwritten? Please let us know


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1. Patching with MSDE 2.0 SP2 Merge Modules

I have a 2.0 msi package that contains the MSDE Merge Modules SP2.
I have attempted to create a patch for the install using the SDK tools.
The patch creates fine, contains only my modified file, no MSDE files - as
expected, since the MSDE version has not changed.

When applying the patch, the install fails.  The log reveals the failure is
caused by a MSDE process called VerifyPatchability. This happens even if my
application files are in a SEPARATE FEATURE from MSDE and this feature is
the only one being explicitly specified in REINSTALL= ... Apparently, there
are custom MSDE actions added to the patch file that run no matter what
feature is being patched.

When this new version is built as a small update, not a patch, the installer
chugs through the MSDE actions, but upgrades fine, even if everything is in
the default feature. So my customers now have to download a 30MB upgrade
file instead of the 200kB patch actually required :((.

Has anyone been able to patch an install with MSDE SP2 Merge Modules?
I vaguely recollect that I was able to apply a successful patch during
testing with SP1, but I'm not sure, I was just playing with the stuff then.

Alex Khain
Portland, OR, USA
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