risks of adding components

risks of adding components

Post by Andrew Cencini [MS » Wed, 17 Jul 2002 02:04:02

Do you plan to use Full-Text Search with SQL Server 2000 at any time?

Either way, we have not seen any risks in adding Full-Text Search.


P.S. -- It looks like your system clock is a year behind (2001)  HTH


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Quote:> Hello

> I was using SQL Server 7.0, which I upgraded to SQLServer2000, but without
> the full text search component. I would like to know what would be the
> of adding the fulltext search, if any.

> Thank you


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I have a COM+ application which will be executing a DTS package, and I
need to be sure that the DTS objects are installed on the target COM+
server box.

In our development environment, the COM+ server is also hosting SQL
server, and so I know that I don't need to perform the install...  In
production, this is not the case.

My question is this:  When installing and registering the DTS objects
on a given client machine (in this case, a COM+ server), does any
attention need to be paid to whether or not the objects are alread in
place and registered?  If so, what would be a recomended approach to
doing so?

I have a simple setup program to copy the objects onto the client, and
register the DLLs, I am just concerned with what I might be screwing
up on that client, in the event that they already have them in another
location. Won't my regitration supercede the existing?

Thanks for your thoughts :)


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