UK Contractor looking for work in the US

UK Contractor looking for work in the US

Post by Gary B Tap » Tue, 04 Jun 1996 04:00:00


I'm a * A/P contractor currently working in the city of London
England. I have over 8 years IT experience, and my last 3 years I have
been heavily involved with MS-SQL Server 4.2 and 6.0 doing development
work for a major UK Bank. I am looking to visit the US and work on a
contract basis for some of my stay.

If any US agency is interested in placing me on my visit, please Email
me for my full CV.


Maidstone KENT UK


1. UK Contractors looking for suitable work on Oracle site


We are (currently) two contractors looking for an Oracle greenfield
site, or a site that is about to undergo a major upgrade / re-think.

Apart from ourselves, we offer a set of database designs, Forms
templates and generic Forms libraries which act as a 'layer' on top of
the database, which will shorten the development time of most

The functionality on offer includes

* adaptable Forms. Users /user groups/managers can adapt the Form
  to personal/team requirements
* definable workflow routes & Forms networking
* customisable look and feel of Forms and items
* multi-lingual applications
* executable query history
* enhanced cascade delete / update etc.
* enhanced and definable messaging
* enhanced constraint violation messaging
* auditing
* security

There are also core designs for many commonly used applications such as

* stock control
* addresses (multi-national capabilities)
* person/organisation
* document production

Each part of the product is 'black boxed' so that separate components
can be installed as necessary.

The Forms for each component basic application can be 100% generated
from Designer2000

What we want to do is implement our designs & software for a client at
the start of a project, and then work with the client to build on the

We are South UK based, but would be prepared to travel / re-locate,
including abroad, if necessary.

If this sounds of interest to any clients or agencies please contact us
and we can discuss further.




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