Member Filter using ADOMD in VBA for Excel XP Pivot-Table

Member Filter using ADOMD in VBA for Excel XP Pivot-Table

Post by Knute Holu » Thu, 12 Dec 2002 09:13:08

Does anybody have code samples to select/filter dimension members for an
Excel Pivot-table?  I want users to be able to specify either an exact
member value or a "like" value (e.g. with wildcards) and find/display all
matching dimension members.  My dimension are mostly ragged parent/child
dimensions, and some are quite large, so it's a pain for users to have to
drill down the member hierarchies looking for a specific member.

Thanks in advance.

-Knute Holum


1. Pivot table in Excel 2000 vs Excel XP

Hi all.

We're developing a solution y which the final analisys of
the data is through a Pivot Table in Excel which
represents data in percentages. We managed to have the
pivot table working on Excel 2000 but when we used Excel
XP the percentages are lost in some situations (showing
then '#VALUE!').

They are only lost when we filter the data picking only
some values of the fields, but not when we select the 'All
[field]' option.

This is becoming very frustrating because we thought the
percentages were allways calculated in the cube so ?why
does changing the client affect the results?.

I'm not sure if the explanation above is very clear but i
need some help with this issue asap.


Alejandro Mezcua

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