Connection Status

Connection Status

Post by Rommel the iCeMA » Sun, 15 Jul 2001 00:32:45

Hi folks,
    I wrote a short VB program that connects over my LAN to SQL Server 2000
(using ADO's Connection object). I'm polling the connection status at
regular intervals by getting the value of MyConnection.State, however, this
is not alwayz accurate. If, for example, I go to the NT server and stop the
SQL Server service (MSSQLSERVER) MyConnection.State does not change!!!!! It
stills thinks it's connected (State = adStateOpen) ... why???

    How can I accurately determine if I'm connected to the server???

Rommel the iCeMAn


Connection Status

Post by Patrick Loga » Sun, 15 Jul 2001 02:30:29

Might try the logical And(ing) of the bits...

If (connection.State And adStateOpen = adStateOpen) Then

End If

Not sure if this is your issue or not...
Patrick Logan, MCSD

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