DTS Custom Task and VB.NET

DTS Custom Task and VB.NET

Post by Fernando Tanigut » Fri, 15 Feb 2002 07:22:48


I developed a SQL Server 2000 DTS Custom Task in VB.NET but I can not
register it using the DTS Designer. I get the error message "Could not find
entry point for 'DLLRegisterServer' in the DLL".

I understand that as the DLL built by VB.NET is in fact an assembly, it is
not possible to use it as a regular DLL in DTS Designer. I read that docs on
the .NET SDK about COM wrappers and TLB, but I cannot make all that stuff
work with the registration process in the DTS Designer.

Has anybody done this before? I mean registered a DTS Task developed in
VB.NET in SQL Server 2k DTS? If I can not make it work at all, is it
possible to make it using unmanaged code in C#?

I appreciate any comment on that. Thanks,



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I have seen several posts on here regarding DTS Custom Tasks created in
vb.net.  Unfortunately, they are no longer available on the server!

My question is, can you do this?

I get an error when I try to register my vb.NET dll in the designer (from
the Tasks menu).  It says something like Entry Point not found?  Are there
directions somewhere on how to do this?

Also, if I can create it in vb.net, would this mean that I can truly
parallel process tasks along with the new custom task (I believe VB6 always
used the entire thread, and kept anything else from executing until the
custom task was complete)?

Thanks for your help!


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