CREATE VIEW is much slower under SQL 2000

CREATE VIEW is much slower under SQL 2000

Post by Bob Siebe » Fri, 17 Nov 2000 04:00:00

The database setup portion of my application creates a lot of views (~1800
of them).  This takes about 30 seconds in SQL Server 7.0, but takes 9
minutes and 25 seconds in SQL Server 2000.

In SQL Server 7.0, myCREATE VIEW statements all took about 10-20ms.  In SQL
Server 2000, most take about 20-30ms, but a lot of them take 200-400ms, more
than ten times slower than before.  This is all measured on the same server.

Does anyone know why there is a time increase?


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user id has DBO rights. Any one know whats going on?

Found a referance but it requires a membership to view.

Thank you for your time
-Craig W.

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