vb exe launch with shell

vb exe launch with shell

Post by Mario Deni » Wed, 17 Apr 2002 02:46:12

Here's my code:

A form with a textbox call Text1.

Text1.LinkTopic = "Commence|system"
Text1.LinkMode = vbLinkManual
Text1.LinkExecute "[FireTrigger(""ao"")]"

Only that 3 little lines. I made an exe.
 It works perfectly when I launch it from the DOS prompt, but it doesn't
when I launch it with xp_cmdshell(sql Server).
I think that is because of the form.
Do you know if I can do the same without a form?


1. launching an EXE from within a VB DLL

I just transitioned into VB from vbscript. I would really like to know
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DLL. What I mean by launch is the equivalent of double-clicking on the
EXE file. I would appreciate any info. regarding this issue.

thanks in advance.
take care,

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