Full Text Indexing of Rich Text/ Word Documents

Full Text Indexing of Rich Text/ Word Documents

Post by David lapsle » Thu, 01 Jul 1999 04:00:00


How do I configure SQL server to make use of Format Filters (as with IIS) so
that I can index Word Documents. RTF files etc stored as text columns - It
works great with plain text but this is of limited use.

I assume this is possible since SQL Server seems to use the same indexing

Thanks in advance

David Lapsley


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I can't get two files in rich text format to merge together.  I can't use the
RichTx32 in VFP because it strips rich text code out of the file when it's
saved with the ActiveX textcontrol which I think is like word and has a
"richer" set of commands than the RichTx32 control  (ie: it would probably
strip out the \page command to a \par).

Please help, thanks.


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