NT Groups and SQL Security Manager

NT Groups and SQL Security Manager

Post by Jeff Humphre » Thu, 15 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I don't understand why some of my (NT) local groups don't show up in SQL
security manager when I go to grant new.  The (NT) global groups all show
up.  I would appreciate any help!

1. SQL 6.5 security manager fail to enumerate global group members after NT upgrade to SP5

Dear all,

In one of our SQL 6.5 server (with SP4) where NT is SP5, I recently
encounter a problem while using its Security Manager.

When I grant login rights to a local group with global group, or just global
group, the server fails to enumerate the members within the global group,
and reply the message "Unable to successfully query domain controller".

The NT environment setting as this :-
1. A master domain (X) define all the user account and global group. SQL
server's default domain (Configure->Security Option) also set to it.
2. A testing domain (Y) set to trust domain (X), where the SQL Server
service account and the computer name is defined.

Under the same environment setting, another SQL 6.5 server (with SP5a) where
NT is SP4 work just fine (no problem). It just happens on our SQL 6.5 where
NT is SP5.

I have try this :- If I change the SQL Server service account to a domain
(X) account, the problem is resolved and I can list out the global group's
members through security manager.

Have you ever heard of any problems with NT SP5, is there any security
enhancement in it which may end up forbid other user from querying the
members of a global group?

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.


P.S. Sorry for re-post, last time I just think the issue resolved and thus
post the resolution. At last I found I make a mistakes, the issue still

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