Alias to object owner in SQL Server 7

Alias to object owner in SQL Server 7

Post by Manuel Droesle » Wed, 07 Apr 1999 04:00:00

Hello All,

how can I alias a db user in SQL Server 7 to another user who is the owner
of tables with the result that the aliased user no longer needs to use the
owner prefix when accessing those tables??? In 6.5 this was simple by using
sp_addalias(). In 7.0 I can execute sp_addalias() with no error, but the
owner prefix is required anyway.

Thanks for any help.



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Resently I had to upgrade the security level on the SQL server I am
administrating. I have all my users logging in trough a Win NT User Group.
The user group has no "server wide" priviligies like the "system
administrator" it had before. In stead of that the group have different
rights on each database, some db's they have both public and db-owner on
others only db-datareader....

My problem is that I often use the dbname.dbo.objectname naming when I
access objects across the databases. But now all new objects get a owner
name equal to the creater and you have to write something like this for each
object: databasename.[ntdomain\ntuser].objectname and I find that very

Is there anyway to prevent the owner from being the username and setting it
to dbo?

Is there anyway to change the owner from [ntdomain\ntuser] to dbo????

Venlig Hilsen
Jens Hermann

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