Replication [Merge/Transactional]

Replication [Merge/Transactional]

Post by Dinesh Priyankar » Thu, 22 Aug 2002 19:33:59

    I am trying to configure Merge Replication with MSDE. Both side has MSDE
(Head office and distribution centers).
When I try to configure publication at HeadOffice by using wizard, In
Snapshot folder setting dialog box, default setting is shown and when I
press next to continue, It says "Invalid Location". I tried with my own
folder and got same result. What is the problem with this? I have setup the
SQL Agent for domain account too.

And I have heard about need to get CALs for MSDE at HeadOffice. Should I ?
If so How can I enter the nof licenses. I cannot find License Setup in
Control Pannel like SQL Enterprise Edition.

Transactional Replication with Enterprise Edition and MSDE
I set up the publication with EE and subscription with MSDE. First It did
not work. Error was sp_MSins.....
It said that cannot find that sp in MSDE when synchronizing. When I remove
those sp setting from Article section in publication, It worked.

What is the problem? Does MSDE not support such sps?

Dinesh Priyankara


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We have a database that is being used as a publisher in
merge replication.  The merge replication uses some
primary guids and specific column guids to track the
replication.  A programmer added a transaction publication
using the Wizard.  When complete it added new columns
called msrepl_tran_version to the newly published tables.

We are about to drop the existing publications and create
a new one?  When we create the new publications can merge
replication and transactional replication share the same
column to track the changes?  i.e can we drop the
msrepl_tran_version columns and use the existing guids
from the merge publication?



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