DTS Designer Graphical User Interface-No Task's available

DTS Designer Graphical User Interface-No Task's available

Post by Daren DeBo » Fri, 17 Aug 2001 03:34:15

When using the DTS designer Graphical Interface to create
a new DTS package I am not getting any icons in my TASK
menu.  They are gone. Does anyone know how to get the TASK

1. Register DTS custom task without DTS Designer

I just create a custom task with User Interface in Visual Basic 6.

I can register it with DTS Designer interface, but I need to do an
installation program (with Installshield for example).

I try to register my Task by this command line "regsvr32.exe
It work succeffully but when I want to create new "MyCustomTask" task in my
package the icon not appears into DTS Designer ?

Someone knows how to register custom task without DTS Designer ? by script
or command line or "file.reg" or ...

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