Beginner Question: Converting Access 2.0 to SQL Server

Beginner Question: Converting Access 2.0 to SQL Server

Post by iceh.. » Sun, 07 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Our company currently maintains all of its databases in Access 2.0.
I've recently setup MS SQL Server 6.0 on NT 3.51.  I'd like to move
all of our data from Access 2.0 to SQL Server. I've found that I can
export tables, but that doesn't maintain the relationships between the

Is there any easy (and hopefully quick) way of moving Access 2.0
databases to SQL Server?

Mike Benson


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At a glance I can see that you need an error handler for this line of
code when you have an empty table.



if err then
end if

I wouldn't worry about counting the number of records in the table.  The
error statement would do this.

If you really need a count then you could do this with the following

SELECT table.field1, count(table.field1) AS aliasfield
FROM table
WHERE table.field2=value
GROUP BY table.field1

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