Problems talking to ODS Procsrv example

Problems talking to ODS Procsrv example

Post by Richard Baldoc » Tue, 14 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I am developing an ODS based server using the PROCSRV example as a model.

If I run Procsrv on the same machine as SQL Server, it all works fine, as
per the documentation. However, I want to debug the ODS Server which
ideally means running on it my development machine, not the server.

The ODS Server is set to listen on a named pipe, I have used SQL client
configuration to set up an alias to the application on my development
machine. I can connect to the ODS server with ISQL running on the SQL
server and run the extended procedures. I can see the named pipe using
from the SQL server machine.

But, when I try to call the sp from my database using:

use master
sp_addserver procsrv
exec procsrv...proclist

all I get back is the error ->

Msg 18481, Level 16, State 2
Unable to connect to site 'PROCSRV' because it is unavailable or does not

Anybody got any suggestions??



Have anyone any hints on how i can get my procsrv.exe to work.
My first problem was that i was running it on an SQL server and there by
a conflict on the named pipes (wich the documentation say i would),
after changing
the listner to another named pipe and also the TCP\IP port to 1434 i
recon i have to
make the call diffrent too, but how do i call the srver with my new
settings ???

After starting the procsrv.exe on an other machine (workstation) it
finaly started
and after registring the server i also could contct it (looks fine in
procsrv logfile)
BUT by some reason i cant call the supposed stored procedures ???

What else do i have to do ???
Can anyone show step by step how to make it work ???

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