Monitoring SQL 2000 w/ SNMP

Monitoring SQL 2000 w/ SNMP

Post by Ed Laffer » Thu, 24 Jan 2002 01:51:51

I am trying to monitor my SQL 2000 installation with the SNMP MIBs
provided by the product.  While I can WALK the Microsoft/Apps/SQL
Server branch and get results, if I try to GET any specific OID I
receive nothing but error messages.  For example, if I want all the
results from the sqlSrvInfoTable branch I do the following:

snmputil walk <IP Address> <Community> .

Results are returned, however a sample OID looks like the following:

The above OID returns the name of my server.  If I then try to get the
above, I get the error "Error: errorStatus=2, errorIndex=1".  I
continue to get this same error for any value I try to retrieve.  I
have even tried consecutively removing one set of numbers from the end
of the string, with the same results.  Nothing but errors.

Does anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong or how to
correctly pull SNMP values from the default SQL MIB?  Thanks for any
help you can give.

Ed Lafferty
Mgr, Network Operations
Bolt, Inc.


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Thanks and Regards


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