retrieving documents stored in BLOB fields

retrieving documents stored in BLOB fields

Post by Phil » Tue, 24 Sep 2002 16:35:47


I have been able to successfully store word documents and excel spreadsheets
in a SQL Server blob field (image data type) using the ADO Stream object.

However I would now like to retrieve them.  What I am looking for is, say a
hyperlink on a user form (VB/Access) that, when clicked, will open the
document in its correct application.

Thanks in advance.

Phil J


1. Retrieving Word documents out of a General field

I'm fairly new to the world of databases, so excuse me if this
question has been answered many times before, or if I sound a bit
confused. :)

I am using Win32::ODBC to retrieve information out a Foxpro database
file (DBF). All is going well. However, I seem unable to retrieve Word
documents embedded in a General field. What I retrieve seems to be
wrapped in header of some sort. Is there any way I can export the Word
document, sans overhead, through ODBC/SQL statements?

- Jiunwei Chen

Vanguard Research Inc.

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