Access to to a productively MSSQL-Database with Microsoft Access

Access to to a productively MSSQL-Database with Microsoft Access

Post by Thomas » Fri, 25 Apr 2003 14:22:11

Hi fellows

I'm looking for an article, which describes that it is not a good idea to
read or even update data in a productively SQL Database (7.0). With a
productively Database I mean in this case a database which is used by
JDEdwards ERP Software. I think it's even better to do a copy of the
database for accessing with Microsoft Access for Reports.

Thanks for your help in advance



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   I need to develop an application using visual basci 5.0 that will serve
as the front-end for a Microsoft access database. This application should
allow me to update records, search, make queries the whole enchilada. I want
to know if anyone has any idea on how I should start apporaching this
problem. What should I use, I am clueless on how to get started. If anybody
knows where I can get some information, it will be gratly appreciated.

PS.  If anybody knows how to link Project Workbench data to an access
database using either OLE or DDE please let me know where I can get more


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