Tempdb.mdf and other *.mdf files??

Tempdb.mdf and other *.mdf files??

Post by bryan dimic » Fri, 24 Mar 2000 04:00:00


I am new to SQL 7.0, and I am going to an in residence 70-028 course
next week.

Occasionally I have to restart the Server service in order to recreate
the tempdb.mdf file, for it is causing my C: drive to fill.

Can I permanently move/point the tempdb.mdf (and other files like
master.mdf) file to my logical drive which has 100 gig of free space.

My C: drive is typically sized to handle the system/program file only (2
gig in size).

I am sure that I will get all the answers that I need next week, but I
am flying by the seat of my pants this week.

Any options would be appreciated.



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