Waiting for SQL Server query to finish??

Waiting for SQL Server query to finish??

Post by Bob Baldwi » Thu, 09 Apr 1998 04:00:00

I have an application in MS Access that retrieves data from a large database
to a local Access table so that viewing is done on local tables. I have
found a weird problem in that I run queries to append the records into the
local tables and the code continues apparently before the query finishes and
I open the form and there is no data. However, I open the form after 5
seconds and the data is there. Is there not a way to have the form open only
after the append query is actually finished or is there something else I am

Bob Baldwin, MSCP


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I am working on a program that processes data from a jet-database.
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However, I also have a search routine that is called from several
different forms. I want to use the 'form.enabled=false/true' to
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Silly question: HOW?

any sugestions welcome at:

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