SQL Role and NT User Group

SQL Role and NT User Group

Post by The Goldmine Gu » Sun, 10 Dec 2000 14:16:31

This is a tough one. We have to use NT trusted connection. NT groups are
added to DB roles. Problem: How do I find the current login user rights at
running time in VB6? Backend: SQL 7 running at Windows 2000.

For example, a domain group called MyDomain\DeveloperGroup is added to a
role called RoleFullRights, user MyDomain\User1 is in the group. When User1
run the application, he should have the rights specified at RoleFullRights.
All this actually works. But I need to return the rights in run time to the
user. Can't find a way to do it. If I add each NT user to the DB, instead of
the NT group as a whole, I have no problem either because the NT user will
be in the sysusers table.

Thanks a million for your expert help.


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