16 bit ODBC connection to SQL server 7.0

16 bit ODBC connection to SQL server 7.0

Post by Neil Pik » Tue, 19 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Mani - do you have the 16-bit client config configured for tcp-ip sockets?  
Remember that Win9x can't listen on named-pipes (the default)

> I have installed SQL server 7.0, desktop edition, on my PC running windows 98.
> I configured the SQl server and can connect to the database using 32 bit ODBC.
> I cannot, however, connect using a 16 bit ODBC (version 2.65). I can use the 16
> bit ODBC to connect to database on a remote machine running SQL server 7.0.

> Am I missing something in my PC? Any input will be extremly helpful.

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1. 16 Bit ODBC connection to SQL 7.0

I have an application written in FoxPro for Windows 2.6 that uses the
Microsoft FoxPro Connectivity Kit to connect to a SQL 6.5 Database and
read three tables and write one table. Everything works fine. When I
take the same application and change the DSN to select the same database
on a SQL 7.0 server the connection is reported as failing in FoxPro, but
in fact a new connection is created between my client and the SQL server

The error is a -2 Handle and an error code of 5701 with a message
something like this:

ODBC Error 01000 (5701) [Microsoft SQL][....] .... context changed to

Has SQL 7.0 dropped support for 16 bit ODBC?
Are there special configuration requirements for SQL 7.0 ODBC that are
different than SQL 6.5?


Bill Walter

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