Data truncation issue with DTS

Data truncation issue with DTS

Post by Marcus LeBlan » Sat, 12 Oct 2002 22:29:47

We have SQL Server 2000 with SP2 on an NT 4.0 box with SP
6a. When transferring tables using the import/export
option or a predefined DTS package, our tables are
truncated. Example table1 = 60261 records prior to
transfer. After transfer, table1 = 60000 records. Any help
with this would be great.

Data truncation issue with DTS

Post by Allan Mitchel » Sun, 13 Oct 2002 16:32:45

Make sure there are no triggers on the table
Make sure some of the data does not break any constraints
If the source is a text file then make sure it is formatted correctly.

I have heard people having this problem before so I would check
these things first

Also when you reply back can you tell us

Source type
Destination Type

etc etc

Any info to help us.  Also enable logging and look for any errors.


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Can anyone out there shed some light on what might be going on here??
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Perry R. Shindle
KPMG Consulting
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