SQLRestore causes Err EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION when declared using WithEvents

SQLRestore causes Err EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION when declared using WithEvents

Post by Nico » Wed, 26 May 1999 04:00:00


Im trying to code a little app to restore a dump. Everything works fine,
but if I try to declare Restore-object using withevents, I get error
EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION. I checked SQLServers event log, but no error is
logged. Even the database is restored?
This behaviour vanishes if the Restore-object is 'normal' declared.

Any ideas?



1. BUG in SQLDMO ???? Declaring SQLDMO-Objects withevents in VB causes EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION

I'm using the SQLDMO in Visual Basic.
When I declare a SQLServer object with events and attempt to connect
it, it fails with an EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION -Error
 (not every time, but I can't figure it out on which it depends)
Also it fails when trying to run the ExecuteImmediate - method.
The same things happens with the transfer object.
In a sample ,that is shipped with SQL-Server Standard Edition,
I have read in an comment that this might occur, but why, I have no idea?

Is this a bug in SQLDMO???
Does anybody have same experiences or any ideas for workarounds?

Thanks for any help!
Thomas Adams

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