ODBC SQL Server Driver:Incorrect syntax near'.'.(#170)

ODBC SQL Server Driver:Incorrect syntax near'.'.(#170)

Post by Georg » Sat, 07 Apr 2001 03:33:04

I got a weird error message while running a query in MS access from a SQL 6.5
it says:[ODBC][SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line1:Incorrect syntax near '.'.
I had two computers running the same Access database (simply copies). On both
computers, I connect the DB to the same SQL server throught ODBC. One computer
works without any problem, the other one gave me this error message.
What is really weird is when the error message happens, I clsoe the msgbox, go
the query design, then click on view, the query works without any error message
(may take more than once of such procedure).
I searched the web and got no info for this error. I called Microsoft support and
got the same.
Any input will be appreciated.


1. Incorrect syntax near '.'.(#170)

I got this weird error while running a select query in MS Access 97 from a SQL
6.5 table. THe first time when you try to run the query, "ODBC call failed" and
this error, but when you try to open it again and again or go to design then view
or view other query then open it again, it will open without error. There is no
information on this error anywhere on the web and I have called microsoft, they
did not know either. What is even more weird is I have two copies of the same
database located on two computer connecting to the same SQL server. One works
without any probelm, the other one has this error.
(Both computers are running on win95, with SQLSRV32.DLL version
I tried to update the troubling computer to SDK2.6 and didn't work)
Any help would be highly appreciated.


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