SQL Replication Question

SQL Replication Question

Post by James Pol » Wed, 15 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I'm very new to SQL Server 7 but have a lot of experience with Access
I've created a SQL server database and made it a Subscriber etc and managed
to get it to replicate with another database.   However, when i tried to
change a datatype on the main database, i got a message saying this wasn't
possible as the table would have to be dropped and thus would mess up the

Is it possible to change a database field in the main database and have that
change filter throughout the replicas or not?  This was possible to a degree
with Access Replication.

Thanks for any help



SQL Replication Question

Post by Michael Hote » Fri, 08 Oct 1999 04:00:00

Not possible.  You can not change the structure underneath replication.  If
you have to modify the structure, you have to unsubscribe, drop the
publication, recreate the publication, and resubscribe.  Replicating DDL is
not supported or possible.


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1. SQL Replication question

I'm working on a plan to make our MS SQL based financial servers as
redundant as possible.  I want a 2nd server ready to go in the event
the primary server fails.  I know I can schedule two SQL servers to
replicate at certain time.  Is it possible for this replication to
occur in real time?  Or is it best to schedule the replication and
take the risk of losing some data?

Any thoughts on this would be GREATLY appreciated.


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