Specifying Default Hierarchy for dimensions in Analysis Services

Specifying Default Hierarchy for dimensions in Analysis Services

Post by sandh » Thu, 20 Jun 2002 07:37:41

Is there a way to specify a hierarchy as the default for dimensions
with multiple hierarchies in Analysis Services 2000? Or is the first
hierarchy that is defined assumed to be the default?
In OLAP Clients such as ProClarity, its useful to be able to control
the defaults.

1. Creating dimension hierarchies in OLAP Services

Creating a dimension hierarchy in OLAP Services is done by importing the
underlying relational table for that dimension.

Has anyone come across a third-party (or Microsoft) product for
creating/maintaining a hierarchy where there is no data (e.g. in preparation
for inputting budget data)? I have achieved the desired result using Excel
and creating columns with parent-child relationships, but it's clumsy.

P Taylor

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