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 I'd need to know what errors you are getting with master.

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1. Problem removing remote server (6.5) from master..sysservers

We are trying to get rid of an annoying little message that has just started
happening this morning.  The message is "Unable to connect to site 'HRNT2'
because 'HRNT3' is not defined as a remote server at the site".  It occurs
when we try to access HRNT3 through the SQL Enterprise Manager, and also if
you use the Servers|Remote Servers menu item.

Background:  We have 2 SQL servers in operation - HRNT3 AND HRNT4, both of
them are NT4 Servers.  This morning I was trying to set up a link on HRNT3
for doing remote procedure calls.  My original thought was to use the sa
account for this link, and started to implement it through Servers|Remote
Servers.  I then thought better of it and used the "Drop Login" button to
get rid of it (the one at the bottom of the dialog, not the one at the top
right, below the Modify button).  Now we are getting the aforementioned
error message.

HRNT2 is an NT server on our network, but all it does is Exchange 5.5.
Several months ago HRNT2 had SQL and Exchange on it, but we got the separate
box for Exchange and moved it off, keeping the name HRNT2.  We then renamed
the original box to HRNT4 and kept SQL on it.

I used sp_helpserver to show a list of servers that HRNT3 is seeing, and
HRNT2 is listed there.  We tried to drop it from the list through the
Servers|Remote Servers menu, but it wouldn't stay dropped.  (This time we
used the Drop button, not the Drop Login button)

We haven't tried sp_dropserver yet.  Would that be the way to get rid of
that entry, or is there some other way?

My other question would be is there some other place that feeds that system
table where these databases are stored, and would refresh it if an entry was

Scott Smith
Human Resource Information Systems
Michigan State University

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