Job status from within a job

Job status from within a job

Post by Joe Dunca » Wed, 23 Apr 2003 04:21:50

For many of my SQL Server Agent jobs, I have a step that is called if a
previous step fails.  This step looks in the system tables to determine the
error message from the failing step, and sends me a text message on my RIM
pager.  The problem is, my query sometimes returns the error message from a
previous run of the job.  What query can I use to reliably capture the error
text of a failing step in a variable for use in sending a message?


JOB TITLE: Senior Programmer DataWareHousing

LENGTH: Temp-to-Perm

WORK LOCATION: Rockville or Frederick, Maryland



HOURS: 40+

Near a DBA  has to have experience with either Oracle 7 or 8

Design and architect an Oracle Dbase for the DataWarehouse group.

Heavy SQL tuning but not Dbase tuning.  Needs to know database indexing
versus non indexing; architect data structures; familiar with I/O
constraints; Star Schemas; map Indexing; needs to know indexing versus

Need to understand the buiness/industry and the DataBase.  Will look at
somebody whos been working with Oracle for 2 to 3 years, but not someone
that that has been coding in Forms.

DataWarehouse members; claims; providers; authorizations, payments, etc.
all maintained in these DataBases.  They are massive in size.

Sun boxes; Unix platform;

Core hours are 9 to 4.  If someone wants to leave at 4, they need to be in
at 8, and inversely, if they are in at 9, theyll leave at 5.

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