exporting data from 2 tables to ASCII , sorted on clientnumber

exporting data from 2 tables to ASCII , sorted on clientnumber

Post by John Ebbe » Tue, 29 Oct 2002 23:53:27

I have 2 tables:
- table 1: client data (client number, address, city)
- table 2: invoice data (invoice nummber and amount, creation date)

I want to create an ASCII file which has the following layout:
- client number (5)
- creation date ASCII file (6)
- text (can be address, city, invoice number and amount) (50)

For each client, first the adres and the city should be in the ASCII
file and after that the invvoice number(s) and amount(s). The ASCII
file should be sorted on client number. An ASCII could look like this
70100021028address client 70100
70100021028city client 70100
70100021028invoice number 1    amount 10.000,00
70100021028invoice number 2    amount    500,00
70100021028invoice number 3    amount  1.250,00
85247021028address client 85247
85247021028city client 85247
85247021028invoice number 314  amount     50,34
94256021028address client 94256

I created this VB-script.
Function Main()
        DTSDestination("clientnumber") = DTSSource("clientnumber")
        DTSDestination("creationdate") = DTSSource("creationdate")
        DTSDestination("address) = DTSSource("address")
        Main = DTSTransformStat_OK
End Function

How can I put the data of client city, invoice number and amount in
the field "address"? Or is there another way to export this data?


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Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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