Connessione database DB2 AS400 come linked Server da SqlServer

Connessione database DB2 AS400 come linked Server da SqlServer

Post by Paolo Zanoll » Sat, 04 Nov 2000 18:58:44

Qualcuno conosce la sintassi corretta per referenziare le tabelle AS400 ???.

N.B.: L'AS400 collegato con OLEDB e/o ODBC

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1. Linked server AS400/DB2 trouble again

Hi !
I'm trying to create Linked Server to AS400 DB2 on SQL Server 2000.
Using IBMDA400 (IBM AS400 OLEDB Provider installed from Client Access).

Got an error 7399: OLEDB Provider returned UNKNOWN error.

Source=AS_SERVER;Transport Product=Client
Access;SSL=DEFAULT;Libraries=QGPL;Connect Timeout=90;Host Code Page=037'

Attempted different combinations of theese params...

After that created remote login on AS400.

Please help or correct my LinkedServerProperties...


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