Problems after closing an ADP

Problems after closing an ADP

Post by Lee Ro » Sat, 31 Aug 2002 23:43:54

I'm getting a weird situation with an access ADP.  After I close it,
two MSACCESS.EXE processes show up in Task Manager, both keep floating
around changing PID's.  It boggs down the system a noticable amount.
This is happening with the ADP and ADE versions.  The only way to shut
them down is to open any other access database, then they both go
away.  ???????

I'm using a MDB database to check for the latest version on the server
and open the main ADP, then it closes out.  This is all working fine,
until I close the main ADP.  If I open it directly, I dont get this

I'm using Office 2000 SR-1, SP-2 on Windows 2000 SP-2.

Thanks, Lee Rose


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Ok...I have a couple of questions that revolve around the project I am
working on.

1.  Do I need to have separate ADP files for different users (i.e.
different logons)?
2.  I am setting up the users and their rights in the SQL Enterrpise
Manager - how to do I make them effective via an ADP?
3.  I need to distribute this ADP to about 10 users - and I have NO
access to their network except remote connection - how do I deploy
this to the users?
4.  I need to copy the ADP and ALL of database work I have done to
this server via email (if possible) and that includes the databases
files, etc.  Help?


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