Pass Thrue SQL-query Stored Procedure

Pass Thrue SQL-query Stored Procedure

Post by Paul Thoone » Tue, 07 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Pass Thrue SQL-query Stored Procedure

I built a SQL server 6.5 and like to use Stored Procedures in Access 97 .
What I have so far :

I have a database running in the SQL server 6.5 and i installed Access 97.
The table from the database is coupled via ODBC. I created a stored
procedure in the SQL server with one parameter. This stored procedure can be
used in Access like a Pass Thrue SQL query. This working properly.

So far so good.
What I like to do is this : creating a GUI where I can enter a string that
can  be used as a value for the Stored Procedure parameter.

Question : How do I create the GUI and how should I pass this thrue to the
SQL server.

Thank in advance.
Grt. Paul


1. error using pass-through query to access stored procedure on SQL Server

Hi all,
I have an Access 97 database (with Service Pack 2 installed), that I am
using to connect to a SQL Server. Everything works fine except for one
pass-through query.  I can run the stored procedure on the SQL Server with
no problems whatsoever, but as soon as I call the stored procedure from an
Access pass-through query, I get the following error message:
[Microsoft][ODBC][SQL Server Driver]Protocol error in TDS stream [#0]

The stored procedure does work through Enterprise Manager.  (just as a
followup, the stored procedure uses a cursor to loop through a given set of
local table records, and populates a temporary table with records returned
from a remote procedure.)
loop through Inventory table
grab Serial Number from Inventory Cursor
make a remote stored procedure call to retrieve product information based on
the current Serial Number
insert retrieved data from remote SQL Server into temporary table

SELECT * FROM temp_table

Shouldn't be too much of a hassle I would think, but I can't seem to get
past this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!! (btw, I have found some
similar articles on the knowledge base, but none seem to be related to this
situation). Oh, and my ODBC Driver version is 3.60.0319

Thanks In Advance!!
David McTavish

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