Replicate a replicated table

Replicate a replicated table

Post by PC » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 23:35:57

Hi, I have an interesting situation that I have not been able to find
any other posts regarding.

I have a table in database X.  This table is replicated to database Y
on the same server using transactional replication.

I set up a merge publication on database Y to publish the table along
with about 40 others to a SQL CE 2.0 device running on Pocket PC 2002.

When I make changes to the table in database Y the transactional
publication is pushing the changes from database X to Y.  However the
next time I synchronize on the Pocket PC the changes are not getting
sent to the PDA subscriber.  The only way to get the new records is to
reinitialize the PDA database.

Does anyone have any ideas of why the changes are not making it to the
PDA without reinitializing?