Replication Resources

Replication Resources

Post by Aaron O'Har » Tue, 03 Aug 1999 04:00:00


I'm looking for some feedback from people with SQL Server experience.  I am
currently learning SQL 7.0, trying to possess a commanding knowledge of it
eventually.  I'm a network engineer and programmer and have found that
books, web sites, and most importantly, experience assist me to become
confident with networks.

Are there any good books on SQL 7.0 with a special emphasis or good coverage
of replication.  I've read the SQL BOL front to back and I wonder if there
is a good supplement to it?

Is there any good, detailed web sites with intermediate->advanced
information on Replication?  FAQ?

Are there decent publications concentrating on SQL Server that are targeted
at intermediate->advanced readers?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated,


Aaron O'Hara
Aspiring DBA


Replication Resources

Post by Michael Hote » Wed, 04 Aug 1999 04:00:00

You can get a list of books at  As
far as a replication book goes, the only one I'm aware of is the one I am
currently writing.  There are a very small number of books on replication,
but none of them cover the subject very well or in very good depth.



Replication Resources

Post by Anil Kripalan » Wed, 04 Aug 1999 04:00:00

I agree.  There are not a lot of resources that cover the subject in-depth.
In addition to BOL, Microsoft has a PowerPoint presentation entitled
"Building Distributed Applications With SQL ServerT 7.0 Replication" and a
couple of white papers: "Replication for SQL Server 7.0" and "Developing
Mobile Applications: Comparing Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 to Sybase Adaptive
Server Anywhere 6.0".

I am working on a training session to help fill the gap.

-Anil Kripalani, MCP
Software Development Manager
Broden, Inc.


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I have been working with SQL Server 7 for some time but I have just gotten
involved with replication until today. I have a few books that are OK, but I
was curious if anyone knew of any good online references, tutorials, etc.

Thanks much,
Kevin Swedberg
Northern Software Tools, Inc.

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