SQL 2000 B2: Can't create views/diagrams from Access 2000 project

SQL 2000 B2: Can't create views/diagrams from Access 2000 project

Post by Sven Aelterma » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 02:56:29

First of all, sorry for the cross-post. I couldn't decide in which newsgroup
to post this one.

This being said, hi all

I have created an Access 2000 project against an SQL Server 2000 B2

I can view and modify tables.

However, when I want to create a view or a database diagram, this fails.

With views because the name would be invalid (couldn't be true with 'abc' I
think) and I don't get any message with a diagram, but it doesn't show up in
the EM, nor in the Access project.

I assumed it had something to do with permissions, so I assigned myself all
the possible permissions to all the possible objects in the database
(including sys tables, ...) and I also added myself to all roles, but to no

I can create views and database diagrams in the EM (same user).

I use NT Authentication.


Kind regards

Sven Aelterman
Global Communication N.V.

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1. SQL Server 2000 B2 and Access 2000 project distribution problems

Hi all

(Sorry for the cross-post, but I'm getting kind of desparate on this one).

I have this Access 2000 project, based on a SQL 2000 Beta 2 database.

The problem I have is related to the stored procedures in the SQL 2000

When I try to run the Access project from another computer than from my
development workstation or development server, the stored procedures are
'renamed'. The suffix ';1' is added.

e.g. sp_MyStoredProc becomes sp_MyStoredProc;1

I put 'renamed' between quotes because they are not really renamed, on the
server their names don't change! Has anyone seen this behaviour? Solutions
or ideas?


Development domain is on a W2K Adv. Server, production domain is a NT 4
domain. One way trust relationship between NT4 domain and W2K (W2K trusts
NT4 domain).

Workstations are mixed NT 4 SP 4 and W2K.

I don't think permissions are the issue, because this only happens with
SP's, not with views, tables or diagrams. Users (and certainly I) have
sufficient rights.

More details about what I have tried so far:
- Tried to log on with my account on the production domain (I'm dbo, other
users not)
- Added the workstations to the development domain, logged on with my
account in the development domain.
- Copied the .adp locally instead of from a network drive.

... and almost any combination of the above.

Obvious differences between my development environment and the production
- No SQL Server 2000 EM installed
- No MS Dev tools installed


Kind regards

Sven Aelterman
Global Communication N.V.

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And remember: Bugs come in through Windows.


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