How to install Ent. Mgr. only on Win98 Client PC

How to install Ent. Mgr. only on Win98 Client PC

Post by debbiep11.. » Sat, 26 Jun 1999 04:00:00

We have SQL 7.0, and I would like to install the
Enterprise Manager on WIN 98 client PC.  Using
the install CD, it says can't install server on
this pc, will only install client..  (that's
fine), I hit OK to continue.. After the install
is complete (standard edition), I reboot the PC
and the PC tries to dial the internet right after
booting, it can't get a connection, so I cancel
the process and then the PC actually shuts off!!
If we attach a modem, it dials some number and
then we can get into the Ent Mgr. Microsoft says
there's a registry entry to remove for this auto
dialing related to MSDTC, but it's not in our
regsitry, also, if we install the program without
checking the MS DTC option, we get the same error
when trying to start the enterprise manager.
And we noticed that it tries to dial when you go
into Ent. Mgr. and click on the server.
Is anyone running Enterprise Manager from a
client?  It worked in 6.5 on this same PC!!
How can I make it work?  What is trying to dial?

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How to install Ent. Mgr. only on Win98 Client PC

Post by Gert Draper » Mon, 28 Jun 1999 04:00:00

Choose Custom install and deselect the server components, keep client
connectivity and the tools you need.
There is no fast track client install in 7.0



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