SQL Server 7.0

SQL Server 7.0

Post by Paul Delahunt » Fri, 02 Jul 1999 04:00:00

Hi All,

A few questions on SQL Server 7.0 (with Service Pack 1 installed)

(1) What is the best way to store DTS Packages when you will be running them
from the command line and why ?

(2) What are the differences from storing DTS packages in the repository as
opposed to in the

(3) Is anyone else having difficulties with deleting repository packages ?

(4) Can you call a DTS package from a DTS package

Any help at all would b appreciated



1. SQL Server 7.0 on NT Server to SQL Server 7.0 on win2k Pro

I'm trying to import a SQL Server database from a NT Server to a SQL Server
on a win2k Pro.

I'm using DTS Wizard to do this, but i always get this message:

"The license for the installation of MS SQL Server on you source and
destination connections does not permit the use DTS to transform data. Refer
to your license agreement for more information"

I also tried to import or export other databases beetween SQL Server on win
NT workstation and win Nt Server and I get the same error.

Please help!!

Lus Pinho

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