Connecting MS Access Client to SQL Server 2k via Internet

Connecting MS Access Client to SQL Server 2k via Internet

Post by Marti » Fri, 18 May 2001 23:25:24

I have built a client in MS Access 2000 (an Access project .adp-file) that I use
to access an SQL Server 2000 database. Works perfectly!

Now I want to place the database on a co-located server and access it over the
internet. In Enterprise Manager it works out great! In my MS Access client
reading data works, but I can't edit any data!




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to describe the environment briefly, we have MS Access 97 (Service Release 2)
which accesses the MS SQL Server 6.5 (Service Pack 5). Both, Server and Client
are installed on a Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (Service Pack 6). The computer is a
Pentium II 450Mhz CPU with 96Mb RAM.

The SQL ODBC driver was tested in an old as well as the current version.

Any assignments by program code (VBA) which expect an answer of the SQL server,
such as a .OpenRecordset or similar fail.
It seems as if the SQL server wouldn't follow with sending the data.
If one passes through these calls in the debugger mode, then these usually work
straight off. One experiences the same effect, if one after a call is failed in
the code, passes through it directly in the debugger mode once more.

If one changes the environment so that one evacuates the SQL server on a Windows
NT Server, then the same application works without Problems.

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance,

Sven Worm

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