SQLSRV32.DLL Stack Overflow !!!

SQLSRV32.DLL Stack Overflow !!!

Post by Corvin Bazga » Sun, 30 Apr 2000 04:00:00

I am getting a stack overflow in SQLSRV32.DLL ( on
SQL Server SP2 during a call to SQLExecute() to create a view.

When I call it the first time on a connection, it works.  When I
close the connection and connect to another database and I call
it a second time, it fails with the aforementioned exception.

Could someone verify it's a problem and provide a workaround?
Please CC to me directly.

Thank you.

Corvin Bazgan
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SQLSRV32.DLL Stack Overflow !!!

Post by Gert Draper » Tue, 02 May 2000 04:00:00

Can you post the code to reproduce this. I tried your example via ODBC Test
can I can not get this to happen.


1. ntwdblib.dll vs sqlsrv32.dll (native driver vs ODBC driver)

It seems to me that the current ntwdblib.dll with MS SQL Server 7 CD
(beta 3) is not compatiable with MS SQL Server 7.  If a table has nchar,
nvarchar, or ntext data type field, the application used the
ntwdblib.dll will not work properly.  For example, the following simple
statemet cannot be executed successfully:

Select * from TableWithNTextField

However, an application used Sqlsrv32.dll will work fine.

In the past, isqlw.exe used ntwdblib.dll but the new isqlw.exe (with MS
SQL Server 7 beta 3 CD) uses sqlsrv32.dll.  What is the reason for the
change?  I cannot find the type definitions of nvarchar, nchar and ntext
in the new sqlfront.h, which defines the types of varchar, char and
ntext.  When I used the dbcolinfo to get the data type info for nchar
field, the reture value is 0x2f, which is just char data type.  So,
ntwdblib.dll is either not upgraded or cannot support the new MS SQL
Server anymore.

Can any one shed some light one my problem?  Thanks in advance.

Tao Lin

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